Thursday, February 14, 2008

A round up of the trips to seattle

So yesterday was obviously our trip to Children's that went remarkably well with Kenzie passing all her tests with flying colors. Audiology came back great, she missed a couple sounds, but she was very focused on the audiologist in front of us at the time. Her eye test was okay though it is really difficult to get a good reading on a toddler as they can't do the reading chart. We have to follow up with her Opthomologist in November, to recheck her eyes, and the cup to disc ratio which was a wee bit wonky last time.

Today I drove down to the U-Dub and met my wonderful new Endocrinologist. I felt very comfortable with him, and didn't feel rushed at all. Though I was a little dissapointed that there wasn't much he could tell me right now since we didn't have a current set of my numbers in front of us. We did look at my TSH numbers from December and they were about a 1.3 and the 'normal' is between .3 and 3.o according to my Endo. We also looked at my Free T4 numbers which were very elevated but not outside the 'normal range' of 4.5 to 13.3 I was sitting right about an 11.4. The issue is that we didn't have a current Antibody count in front of us therefore limiting what we could figure out. He did order a Thyroid U/s so that we could get a baseline picture of what my thyroid looks like since I have a sizable goiter at the moment. He wasn't able to provide me any 'new' information that I haven't learned and until we get the test results back I don't know when I will be following up with him yet.

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