Monday, February 18, 2008

The great Offline challenge of '08

Okay so today, my world basically stopped turning. Apparently we have used 'too much' Internet for the month of February. What the frell?! Raise your hand if you remember where you agreed to only download XXXX amount per month? I sure don't remember it. Apparently we(our household) has a 17,000 MB limit. Mind you we pay out the nose for the privilege to even HAVE the Internet out here. Most of our neighbors suffer with slow dial up because the 'wireless' just doesn't cut it around here. You have to live in the 'ritzy' part of nowhere to get that stuff. So after our contract was canceled ran out, we switched to 'satellite' Internet. We had ANOTHER satellite mounted on the side of the house bringing us to a total of 3! count them 3 dishes. We have had no problems up until now(we got the service back in late summer early fall). Than today THE NOTICE arrived. Telling us that we have used up 15,000 MB of our 'allotment', um, okay, nobody mentioned an 'allotment' we were not given paperwork with you're 'fair access' info on it(we've gone through all the paperwork that came with the contract). So now for the next 11 days until 2/29/2008 I will be stuck driving 20 minutes one way into town each night just to have the privilege to check my freaking email. I. May. Die. Seriously I am a Internet whore addict person, I love the Internet, I cannot go a day without checking my email(and would be scared to see my inbox if I did so). **takes a deep cleansing breath** So what caused the Internet issue you may be asking? Apparently, my I-tunes addiction caused it. Hence why I have to drive into town to check my email whilst everyone else gets to use the house computer. Thank goodness I have 1.7 days of T.V. Shows, 1.4 hours of movies, 16.9 hours of music and 8.4 hours of pod casts to catch up on. I have a feeling I will become very intimate with the characters of some of my favorite shows(hence why I own them on I-Tunes). Either that or I may gouge my eyeballs out; I'm not sure which at this point. If in a few days you haven't heard from me send out a search party okay?

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