Sunday, February 24, 2008

My ER Trip

So as I mentioned in last nights blog, I was sent to the ER by my doctor for my kidney pain. In case you don't remember I was diagnosed back on 2/15 with a kidney/bladder infection. They put me on a 7 day course of antibiotics that ended up doing DIDDLY squat for me. So I called and finagled another appointment with my regular doctor. She confirmed that I still had the infection, but brought up the possibility that it MIGHT be a kidney stone. She sent me home with a new prescription, and told me that if I felt worse and started running a fever not to hesitate to call in over the weekend. Which brings me to last night.
As I mentioned since sometime Friday I had been running a low-grade fever, and couldn't even drink water without being nauseaous. We all had gone out to dinner and I just could NOT get comfortable for the life of me so when I got home I called the office, and she recomended that I go in and be seen.

So off I went on my sojourn to the ER. I arrived got all triaged, and checked in and sat down to wait, and wait, and wait; thankfully I'd brought a new book with me to read. Finally about 11:30ish I got taken back to a room and settled in to wait there. After a while the doctor came in and ordered blood, and urine tests, and a CT scan and X-ray of my abdomen. Then he went on his merry little way. I went off and had my CT done, came back almost got kicked out by the nurse(apparently the doc wrote discharge orders while I was off getting the CT). After another little while the X-ray tech came in did her thing and again I waited. After what seemed like forever, the nurse came in and discharged me saying that everything had come back clear, and they could find no reason for my pain. So I left with my pain killer's in hand(the doctor insisted that I MUST have some to go home with) and went to bed.

This morning shortly after I got up my phone rang, and I picked it up and it was the ER on the phone informing me that they'd had their in house Radiologist double check the films, and that they had found that YES, indeed, I had a kidney stone. They apologized profusely and said to follow up with my regular doc this week. I have an appointment for Wednesday at 3:40pm with her.


Katie aka Stargate_Addict said...

OK! WHAT IS IT WITH DOCTORS/ERS??!! I'm begining to REALLY hate them lol when it's not "life or death" or at least what THEY think is "life or death" they get EXTRA lazy and just put you on the back burner and let you burn! lol I CAN SYMPATHIZE as you can probably tell :p lol

Veronica said...

Ack! Doctors!

I went to the doctor to get strange period like bleeding checked out and she diagnosed me with a bladder infection (which I DON'T have!) and sent me home.

Hope everything gets sorted out for you.