Friday, February 8, 2008

The No-Ponytail Challenge day 1

Today in Fussy's Fight the Frump, SAHMmy challenged us to give up ponytails for a WHOLE WEEK! Thats right 7 days of no pony tails, buns, scrunchies, jaw clips, or banna clips(ha!). Since for the last approximately 6.5 years I have sported nothing other than a ponytail, I willingly agreed, decided to take her up on the challenge.

So I took the hair down(see below pictures for proof), now I just have to figure out what to do with my unruly, just below shoulder length hair for 7 days. Any suggestions would be much appreciated especially for wednesday, and thursday as I have to drive down to seattle both days for various doctor's appointments(wednesday at children's and thursday @ the university).

(I apologize in advance for the quality they were all snapped with my camera phone as i couldn't find my digital camera)

Hair from the side before I took it down

Hair from the back before

Hair from the back with the bun removed

Hair from the side w/ bun removed

With the pig tails gone

Brushed and blown out

it frames my face now

Oh just in case you're wondering- I'd been outside feeding, and fixing the automatic waterer and its pouring buckets at the moment. I was soaked(even *WITH* the waterproof pants, jacket combot) so i grabbed the first dry shirt I could find!


Hair Farmer Joe said...

Hi Macs Momma!

Good luck with this, but at least you are a girl.

As my hair grows out for locks of love, I have no idea how I'm going to contain it - and it grows straight up!

Tamara said...

No, no, no - don't wear it down! Put it up, it does you no favours hanging round your face like that. Don't listen to that silly woman. Listen to me instead. :-)