Friday, February 1, 2008

A dog's life


Hey everybody, Lilly here! After my human's silly entry last week some of you suggested that I should drop by and do a guest entry(yeah i read comments thats right!). So I helped the little human make a giant mess so that I could come to you live from my couch!


Around the house I am the boss, I may be little but that doesn't mean I'm not tough. Though don't try and make me go outside(mom's always trying to do that what do I look like a malmute?!) its C O L D out there and I might freeze. Going out in the summer is okay though because someone might come and play frisbee with me or fill our wading pool with the kickin' slide.


I'm one of 3 dogs in the house- Eeyore is the youngest of us, and Jack is the newest, me? I'm just the ole lady round this place. Mom has 7 cats all of which are hilarious. they try to pretend they hate us dogs but when mom isn't looking I like to cuddle with them especially darryl he's a nut. Out in the yard we have some crazy chickens that think they are cats- seriously dont they know cat food contains chicken?! who wander around making wierd noises. Then there are the two odd balls in the ducks- Quackers and Slowpoke, there used to be a third duck but that idjit Eeyore decided she fancied her a meal of duck and ate Cheese Whiz(I feel sorry for the ducks who names their ducks quakers and cheese whiz?)


I love the little human that runs around here, she's pretty awesome. She likes to chill in her high chair and share all of her food with me cause I'm her buddy. Sometimes she sits on me and chills out but mostly she uses me for boxer bustin' practice. I think that little human's gonna grow up to be a rodeo clown! She is K-RAZY! I like it when the little human gets to go to the fast food resturants cause she always smuggles me some fries home I love me some contraband french fries. See mom thinks that I am overweight and need to slim down a little so I shouldn't be getting any french fries anymore- I just wish she'd realize that fluffy is the new thin!


I love it when in the spring mom's other girls have their little tiny babies(mom raises goats) and they come live in the house. Those little things are adorable and I like licking them! They smell kind of funny at first but they sure do taste yummy!

Well I gotta go the little human and I have a long day tommorow! Oh I almost forgot HELLO! to THE MEXICAN! How are you?! I really feel for ya! man I hate baths too!


Stacey said...

LOL! I loved this blog!

Happy Saturday! Blog Hoppin'!
"Margarita Mom"

Honeybell said...

So Cute!!


Quenderra said...

This is me, commenting as ordered. *salutes*