Monday, January 12, 2009

So apparently, I need to re-home some books

The other day I went to open my DRESSER and found the reason it has been creaking and groaning omninously from the corner in which it resides in. Apparently I stuffed it full of books.

Paperbacks, hardbacks, big books, little books all shoved in one of the drawers after I read them and forgotten like, well, books.


Actually looking at some of these I don't remember ever reading them, or buying them for that matter leading me to believe they are amongst those that mysteriously arrived from the book club I once belonged to even though I dutifully canceled every 'selection of the month'.


Since I have a to read stack that is a bit insane at the moment:

1-12-09 001


though just glancing at it I can see 4 books(the top 4) that can be knocked off the 'must read immediately' list.


I guess I will be needing to re-home some of the basket dwellers:

1-12-09 002


And drawer livers:

1-12-09 004  

See just looking at those photos though I can see certain members of my 'family' that I just can't bear to part with:


Momzillas - a cute, hilarious read about the seedy underworld of the Type A mommy.

Mother- a story that brought me to tears, as I have always had a very rocky relationship with my mother at best

Marley & Me - a wonderful hilarious story about life with a dog, that sounds so much like some of mine(I get to see the movie tomorrow!)

Onion John- this may be a 'childrens book' but it has stuck with me through 2 moves, and several life changes.

Holy Bible- though I rarely read *THIS* copy anymore it was my first one that I ever got when we were actually going to church regularly. I have several other copies around, that get more use.


This leaves a few books out in the cold though:

You might be a Redneck if.... - just meh, considering who wrote it. Don't even ask about the patch on the front.

Nora Roberts Innocent in Death - I'm thinking this along with the James Patterson and the Johnathan Kellerman are from the book club of doom.


As for the basket books I found them and have to go through what looks like my 'humor' section and see what will make the cut.


Looks like I'll be doing some serious cutting if I want to get my room and such into shape though. *sighs*

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