Friday, September 26, 2008

Insanity here I come.

So as some of my dear close friends know, this week has been a lot of crazy. See I started college this week. Now I know to most people that shouldn't seem 'odd' or 'crazy' but it is when you consider the fact that I wasn't exactly PLANNING on going fall quarter.

See when I originally filled out my FAFSA I screwed it up, and the college waited until 2 weeks before quarter to tell me.

I'm taking a full class load(12 credits) a Math class, a "Psychology" class, and 2 computer classes- Intro to Photoshop and Intro to Power Point.

So far its been fun but hectic trying to juggle everything(thank goodness for online classes!)

Also this week we had our first planning meeting for the Cattlemen's Winter School and Country Living Expo.

I'll try and keep y'all in the loop(look out for a possible break up letter to Amazon next week.) Plus I have lots of pictures!

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