Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kitty Cuddling

As a part of the Gay Feline Chronicles I bring you my first example of Feline Gayness.

This is Bean. Bean is a cat.

09-25-08 011

09-25-08 010 

Bean loves Kenzie. Kenzie mauls Bean.

09-25-08 002

09-25-08 001

09-25-08 003

09-25-08 004

09-25-08 005

09-25-08 004   

09-25-08 005

09-25-08 006

This next picture looks a lot worse than it is. He was yawning, just as I snapped it. I promise!

09-25-08 007

1 comment:

Trannyhead said...

My cat, Oscar, just LOVES my kid and my kid just LOVES that cat ... but every single contact ends in pain for the cat. I don't get it. The cat goes purring up to my kid? My kid pulls his tail and rips a huge chunk of fur out of his back. The cat doesn't bite or hiss or growl, but just runs away. Then repeats.

I am starting to think he's a masochist.