Monday, September 29, 2008

I didn't realize Tom was capable of that....

So last night I had to go to a WSU Livestock Advisor meeting out on Whidbey Island. I had a vague idea of where I was going but hadn't been to this particular building before, so was a bit lost.

So I opted to take my navigation system and its new shiny voice with me. Now previously I had a very polite and kind British man giving me directions and making me feel rather smart. I however had found a wonderful Canadian voice.

I should have known right off the bat that this Canadian was going to be trouble. See I had to travel during rush hour and didn't want to deal with a particular stretch of highway that is really bad, so I circumnavigated my way around it using back roads, and thus made Tom get lost. I thought he was completely lost and even got to the point of asking him where I was supposed to turn(though I *KNEW* where) and strangely enough he actually responded(In 500 yards the road curves to the right).

I then got onto the highway and was headed out through Deception Pass and he mostly left me alone until I was near to my destination. So I am coming up to the intersection in which I need to make a turn, he said left but for some reason, I turned right. Now, here I am going down the wrong side of the road I need to be on, when all of a sudden Tom decides to pipe up his helpful advice, "Your going the wrong way, hoser, turn around now!" Uh, what? Did my navigation system just seriously call me a hoser? Okay. Thankfully I'd just pulled into a parking lot to turn around(as I realized that he had indeed been right and I should have turned left) and was able to sit and giggle to myself. I pulled back out onto the road and was driving the block and a half back to the main highway when Tom kicks in again- "Go straight now, eh." Okay, Tom, got it! So I went through the intersection quickly found where I was going(though he WAS wrong about what side of the street it was on) and enjoyed my meeting very much.

On the way home Tom was much more respectful and quiet about where I was supposed to go, until I got on the freeway. Apparently he doesn't like  to be in the right lane- at all. I was getting ready to merge into the lane of travel(was still behind the gore point and its illegal to cross those)  when he informed me "Stay to the left ahead, eh." Okay, Tom? I need to be ON the freeway first, thank you very much. So I merge on and am in the left lane, and am approaching an exit, "Stay to the left, eh?" Okay Tom, thanks for that, as if I didn't get it!

So needless to say I'll be curious how long I can stand Tom's new voice and how long before I change him to something else.


welsh_nikki said...

I think you should rename "Tom" as "Rodney" lol

Trannyhead said...

BWAHAHAHA - he called you a hoser? That's fantastic. That's my kind of GPS right there.