Saturday, January 19, 2008

Country Living Expo

Today was the Country Living Expo(CLE) it seemed to go off without a hitch. Well there were a few things that didn't happen the way they should but I just rolled with them here is how my day went:


4:30 am- Wake up and go take care of mackenzie, for some reason Kenzie decided that TODAY was the day that she HAD to get up early. So I missed out on a half hour of sleep.

5:30 am- Kenzie went back to bed and I flopped on the couch for a bit since I didn't have to be in town until 6:30

6 am- got up pulled on my goat shirt shoved "ronald"(my laptop) into the bag and grabbed gloves and hat got ready to go

6:15 am- left for town

6:30 am- arrived at the school to find 4 scary looking tour buses parked out front- turned out it was ski bus. oh and there were about 5 livestock advisors there. we started setting up and were done with that by about 7:45

8am- doors opened and people started arriving, I was in-charge of speaker check in meaning i gave the speakers their blue folder(stuffed with goodies), and showed them on the map where we were NOW and where they had to be(classroom) before handing them off to an FFA kid to walk them out to their room.

9:30am- Vicky arrived I checked her in and than we drove over to her classroom and got set up for her cheese class. Sometime between here and 10:30ish she gave me the BESTEST christmas present EVER- a gift certificate for pick of the litter from her goats. Have I mentioned how awesome she is?

10:40-12:10 pm- Vicky's cheese class- it was quite popular and there were about 40-50 people in there.

approx. 1pm- We went and ate our prime rib it was okay but I wasn't super hungry.

~1:30 pm- I went and dropped my laptop off in the check in area and wandered the vendors checking them out.

~2:15 pm- did one last run through of my presentation only found 1 small problem which i fixed.

2:50 pm- was at my classroom got quickly set up and started my class. this is when i started having a couple of issues.
  1. Ronald decided that this would be a good day to have my virus software go off in the MIDDLE of my presentation- mind you I had a GIANT projector screen- i just blew it off with a 'well like i said before my laptops been having issues lately'
  2. Ronald also decided that THIS was the time to 'forget' some of my presentation, I got about halfway through my presentation and suddenly stuff was 'missing' from my slides. that was great fun, thankfully I switched to 'edit' view and it showed up.
4:20 pm- my class was over so we headed back to the registration area and found that the water that i'd gotten donated had barely been used. So I grabbed my 2(paid for) cases, and caught a ride home from vicky.

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