Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh, My, GOSH!

So I was going to start doing wordless wednesdays' today but i am just too excited to do that. So instead I will tell you the ROCK MY SOCKS OFF news i got at my WSU CLE/CWS meeting tonight. We originally(a little over 10 weeks ago) decided our 'high end' goal for attendance would be 300 people. Well last week we had exactly 89 registered on wednesday. Today we have 449 people who are already PRE-REGISTERED! Holy cow! I mean that is not including the 51 instructors that brings our total to 500 people, or an increease of 380 people in a WEEK, 7 days! WOW! So if you aren't signed up already get your butt on the ball and get your spot now its going to be a jampacked day!

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