Thursday, January 3, 2008

January 2

Okay i know this wont hit until after midnight but its been a crazy day around here.

First off I had to once again sort(dig through and try to discern non existant tags) Kenz's clothes and pull out everything that was 18 months or smaller. When you have 4 full drawers and have just done laundry, clothes seem to abound. I got through the drawers and everything I had folded only to realize i had another whole BASKET of her clothes to sort. *sighs*

Secondly I FINALLY got my phone upgraded(i've only been bargaining for MONTHS) to an awesome Moto Krzer. Its red, and shiny, and I think I'd like to marry it- tommorow! Seriously this thing rocks! I am a total "Moto freak" meaning that every phone I have ever had has been a motorola. I love them! I ran over my last one TWICE and it didn't break(yes i ran it over with a car). This one has the music and I even splurged and got the 1 GB memory card so that I can load it up with music and pictures and movies. Kenzie was jazzed cause she recieved my old Motorola E850 that i loved.

Third today was capped off by a long, but entirely wonderful committee meeting(humans who speak ENGLISH! and SENTENCES!) for the LAF CLE/CWS on January 19th. If I haven't blogged about this before i have been much remiss in not mentioning it. What is the LAF CLE/CWS you ask? well it is quite smiply the Livestock Advisors Foundation Country Living Expo and Cattlemens' Winter School. We are having 50+ classes over an 8 hour period about everything from Cisternology and Cheesemaking, to Immunology and Vaccinations. It promises to be an eventful 8 hours. Sadly I will be missing a much desired class(immunology) because I will actually be stepping up to the plate and TEACHING! a class all about goats! I am excited and scared at the same time.

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