Monday, January 14, 2008

I was going to write a really insightful post....

Instead you'll just have to make due with a story about what happened while I was on the phone today.

Today I was on the phone enjoying a nice adult conversation when I realized that the house was completely silent. Normally that isn't a big deal because it means that kenzie is down for a nap, BUT today i KNEW that I had yet to put her down because her pre-nap drink was still sitting on top of the TV. So I go off looking for her and cant find her in any of her usual hiding places, like the toy bin, behind the chair or her FAVORITE:

The Closet



I close the closet door only to realize that the bathroom door is open, I don't recall opening it but hey I have mommy brain I can barely remember where I left my keys. So I push the door open and find kenzie standing at the toilet with a cup half full to her lips chugging down toilet water. My first reaction was to laugh but than I realized that I didn't know wether it was CLEAN or not, so I rush over there to find that it was clean, pry the cup out of her hands, and pick her up and carry her out of the bathroom while trying to avoid sloppy baby kisses.

Though I did find a new way to make yourself look skinny:


Though I'm not sure if the rockin' green tile adds weight or not.....


Veronica said...

Okay EW @ The toilet, but Amy is grosser, I caught her in the toilet, eating the toilet paper OUT OF THE TOILET! We are on tank water so we don't flush every time.

I nearly puked.

Needless to say it definitely bath and teethbrushing time. Ick.

Anonymous said...

Thank god it was clean ! (ewww at veronica' comment ;) lol)

Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Nice pose!

And I'm glad the toilet was clean. It's much worse to come upon a kid eating "toilet brownies."