Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January 8th

Okay so today I have my much promised snow pictures and a quick movie from yesterdays' snow fall. Yes that is me sounding dorky behind the camera! The pictures are out of order and were taken from bottom to top(not the way they are stacked) we went and visited her friends the goats and the little black one in front that she is touching is HER goat ms. Silver. She loves that little goat.

Today I had to deal with the insurance adjuster and got my side of the story filed sent her my estimate, and also the pictures of the accident damage. I must say that I LOVE the digital era we are living in. While I was on the phone with her I emailed her the pics(thus eliminating the need for a visual inspection), and we also pulled up a Google map of the intersection and went over where I was where the OD was, what happened etc. made for a lot clearer picture for her. She also said that YES i do have to have the car seat replaced(was pretty sure of that in the first place). There still hasn't been a liability determination but she did get the OD's statement from him, and apparently he has already had his visual inspection done by them, so now we just have to wait for everything to be in the computer. He readily admitted to her that he had NOT filed any kind of claim with his insurance, in fact hadn't even talked to them. So who knows where we will go from here?

OH! I am really jazzed Stargate Atlantis(my favorite tv show) won a PCA award tonight for the best sci fi show! A bunch of my other favorites won too but that was super duper exciting since I voted and voted on it!

So for some reason my video shows up twice *shrugs* i dont have the energy to figure out why right now sorry!

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