Saturday, January 12, 2008

Things I found in My Purse

So today I cleaned out my purse:


I found LOTS of interesting items inside:

In one of the outside pockets I found a single "Wet Ones" wipe, and a Pampers diaper wipe

In the other outside pocket I found a packet of Tamiflu Tissues UNOPENED!

In the front pocket I found exactly TWO pens

Inside was really really messy.

from the top left:
2 Energy Pills, a emery board, 2 'Pump Tech' energy/diet pills, 2 packages of Lansinoh ointment, a tube of Arm & Hammer Toothpaste, 2 packages of Lansinoh disposable breast pads, 7 packages Pampers baby wipes(lavender singles), Bannana Boat Kids Sunblock SPF 30, Bannana Boat Baby Sunblock SPF 50, Spray bottle of Eucerin Anti Itch, Tube of Eucerin Lotion, Bannana Boat Dark Tanning Lotion SPF 4, and Eye Gel(you know for those times my eyes feel puffy ;) )

4 Single packs of Tissue Brand Tissues, a Tube of Mascara, another Tube of lotion(though i think its Aquaphor), a pair of nail clippers, and a trial size package of Dermaphase 365(for those times i want to freeze away fine lines in less than 10 minutes in one easy step)

I also have a veritable Drugstore in one pocket it contains:
1 BodiHeat heat pack, 1 Trial size of lubriderm lotion, Tylenol, Pecid Complete, a Packet of Benefiber, Bayer, Aleve, a Packet of Rolaids, a SalonPas heat patch, Alka Seltzer, Orajel Toothache Powder, 2 hair ties, and some Alavert.

So If you are ever in washington and you run into me and you happen to have some ache, pain, or other complaint I probably carry a cure for it in my purse. Unless of course you happen to need to see my ID because I happen to notice that I don't carry my WALLET in my purse. Or my Cell phone... Hmmm maybe I should make some room for them alongside the folding brush I got today and the mini mirror.....

I almost forgot I can't even figure out why some of this stuff is in there, as it has been MONTHS since I used it. I mean we haven't been breastfeeding since april the 4th when she turned 13 months old and I left on my trip to WSU....


lysambre said...

This is impressive ! In my purse (which is no purse but a small bagpack) I only hale my wallet, a book, (my iPod if I don't drive) and... that's about it (except in summer, ther's also a bolltle of water ;) ).

Hair Farmer Joe said...

This is a great post topic! I've never had to carry a purse, but it does seem like I've always got my hands full of something ...

Marlee said...

What a FABULOUS idea for a post!

I once pulled a tennis ball out of my purse (???). ;)

Sandy C. said...

Whoa! That's a tiny purse for all of that :) A very cute one though. I love that purse...I dare not dig and post photos of the contents of my's a black hole for junk *shudders*