Monday, January 21, 2008


for the record I HATE mondays. with a passion.

especially the ones where they are holidays and everyone stays home. our schedule gets thrown off and the girl WILL NOT sleep. than there is that annoying creature who throws melodramatic hissy fits because 'life isn't fair' *rolls eyes* well DUH! it isn't fair now suck it up and get over it. I swear to goodness I wish that i could just lock her up in a small cage and let her suffer. I am tired of her waking kenzie and not being held responsible for it.

*pauses* hold on a second i'm going to go on a rant about what i am tired of:

I am tired of:
  • annoying teenage sisters
  • people who scream at the top of their lungs and wake kenzie
  • getting in trouble for yelling at them when they wake kenzie cause i JUST GOT HER TO SLEEP
  • living with my parents(sadly its the only thing i can afford)
  • not having my car so i can go out when i want to
  • not having a job so i get more human contact
  • my mother who is a complete and utter witch
  • my sister whom is a spoiled little brat- seriously
  • people telling me that my hair makes me look like a 'goth' uh no it doesnt
Okay i think thats it for the moment. okay am off now

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