Friday, January 4, 2008

January 3rd

Okay I think I need to start typing these earlier in the day for publishing in the evening or else they will constantly be posted late as I stay up to watch leno's monolouge and some of his guests than check emails as I write.

Today started off uneventfully as I just had to make sure tami got off to the breeders so that she could be rebred(that is a whole post though). After she left I went out running some LA flyers out to various locales. I got into 2 feed stores and a vets office. I was supposed to visit another feed store and vets office but it didn't happen. I have a really good excuse though.

I got hit as I was crossing an intersection. I can't say much now other than that as far as I know I am okay, but just to be safe, I am going to get checked out tommorow by the doc. Hopefully I can get an appointment. My neck and head have been pounding since the shock and such wore off so I am hoping its just a stress headache and nothing more. I have to go to the body shop tommorow and get an estimate, and fax it back to my insurance company(right now it is a no fault claim).

well ta-ta for now!

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