Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shelter Sundays

This week shelter sundays is back. It was a interesting week all around today. See I had to take Jack our big boxer in to get the big snip snip done. I got to stay with him, let me tell you, it is a completely different experience to be there when your pet gets it done vs someone elses. I am very intruiged by the process as I want to be a vet someday. I am really lucky that Dr. N is so wonderful with me.

Today's pet of the week is Taz.

Taz is a white and grey cat who has been at NOAH for a while. He is a real sweetheart. I love him to death. He has the sweetest eyes that get you(those puss in boots eyes). Today I was walking by the colony and I slowed down because I saw something moving at the door it was Taz sitting there his paws on the window wiping it with sad eyes. He is a very unique cat who needs someone special to love him.

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