Monday, January 21, 2008

Shelter sundays is off today

for those wondering- there wont be a shelter sundays today as i didn't work @ the shelter today.

instead i'll share my rather odd dream from the other night.

So as many of you know i am in absolute love over David Hewlett he is an amazing awesome funny, actor who I just can't get enough of. I swear I have NO IDEA where this dream came from as I can't explain it away as muscle relaxers since I hadn't taken any.

So anyways the other night I dreamt that I was sitting and watching the news in our living room on tv and that all the anchors were favorite characters from different TV shows I watch. Finally the weather came on(as I ALWAYS watch the weather) and there was David doing the weather(it wasn't rodney it was DAVID) so they go through the forecast for the week and the radar and whatnot, and then they get to the weather map(you know the one that lists the towns on it?) and all the names of the towns behind david are of different characters he has played- there was Rodney, Mckay, Grant, Jansky, Mel, Patrick, etc.

I woke up shortly thereafter wondering if my brain has been spending too much time thinking about david lately. Maybe my fan-girlishness is becoming an obsession?

Though I must say lately I have been having the STRANGEST dreams and not all of them can be attributed to my muscle relaxers as I try to avoid taking them unless I have to. Heck I didn't even have dreams this wierd when I was preggo with kenzie, and NO I am NOT preggo again so don't even say it!

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