Saturday, January 5, 2008

january 5th

well today wasn't quite as boring(okay i admit it it was!) slept in this morning(which was nice) than got up and chilled with cranky pants kenzie(she hopefully just has a new tooth i'm going to wait and see how fussy she remains before i get freaked). Than I gave C the brochures for the WSU CLE/CWS on the 19th to take to goat club.

Than I ran to the doctors office to get my neck and stuff checked as it has been very stiff and sore since thursday evening. all they could find was that it is currently spasming and so they prescribed some muscle relaxants. I think i'll only take a half a dose after my last go round with those babies made me loopy for days.

I than came home watched the game. i must say i did get rather worried in that thar 4th quarter- where the FRELL did bad matt come from? hunh? couldn't he of just stayed home? really? please? I am sooo glad though that the Steelers got their patuckuses handed to them by the Jags' it was nice to see.

Than I slipped into the hot tub for a while(which really relaxed my back and neck but its now stiff again). I have been sitting here for the last hour and a half catching up on blogs(*waves* @ mommy bloggers) and the United Hollywood page to see what the latest is with the strike.

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