Friday, January 4, 2008

january 4th

so today was another pretty boring day(as most of my days are lol) I stayed home this morning and we chilled and watched sesame street and the news(to catch the weather). Then miss kenz took her nap as Gma was supposed to come watch her so I could run to the body shop by myself to get the estimate. Well Gma didn't show up apparently she decided to spend extra time at the casino. SO I had to haul kenz with me to the body shop(which thankfully only took about 20 minutes on the long end) than we ran over to Cenex to see L and K from the livestock advisors.

Then Gma called and said she was at home so we ran up to her house planning on only spending about an hour before heading out to teen parents. Well we'd been there about a half hour when the phone rings and its the house calling to tell us that Park man, Cheese and Jerry were bringing back our van that we loaned them until their new car came in and the family was going out to dinner would we like to come? Since we only see Park man and family at easter, 4th of july, thanksgiving, and christmas for sure(we rarely see them in between even though its only an hours drive) I said that we'd join them for dinner. So we all went to dinner where the conversation focused on "DIC" or the Driver Information Center in both Park man and Gma's cars. Apparently DIC is a trouble maker. So Kenzie returned home with mema and pop pop and

I drove Gma home(since my car was still at her house) and than came home and discovered that mr. Evil DVR apparently decided that he didn't need to record the stargate atlantis marathon. I think I may chuck him out the window.

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