Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meetings, Schedules, and general crazy abounds

So as you may recall earlier this year I taught and helped to host the CLE/CWS for one of my volunteer organizations.

There are several branches of this organization, and one of the other branches does/did something similar the CLW that is traditionally held in October.


This year they didn't have enough time, energy or resources to put it on so it has been shifted into a YoCL for 2009.

I had heard that they were having a hard time getting people to help their committee so I said that as a Board Member I would step up and attend and assist them in anyway possible.

Last night was our 3rd meeting and it looks like it is going to be a great year for them and their program(aside from the budget cuts county wide).


Though being involved in both CLW AND CLE/CWS has become a bit challenging.

First of all there is the similarity of names(workshop vs. expo) and both have meetings semi-regularly.

This week was an interesting challenge in that both committee's had meetings the CLW last night and the CLE/CWS tomorrow night. I also still have class until Dec. 2nd and get to juggle that in as well.

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