Monday, December 8, 2008

An open letter to Lacey

Dear Lacey,

Yesterday, you welcomed my new favorite little man into the world. While I have yet to meet the wonderful(and assuredly adorable) Jordan, I wanted to share a few thoughts.

First of all welcome to the club. Motherhood, is a wonderful and eventful journey and you are now a card carrying member of us. You will do wonderfully, and raise a wonderful, brilliant little boy who will grow up and amaze us all someday of this I am sure.

Motherhood, is a long and winding road that will take you to your highest highs, and your lowest lows, but in the end it will be all worth it. Just remember no matter what that there are people who care for and love you.

Remember to always trust your gut, but listen to your heart, think with your head and love with your words. Don't be afraid to speak up when the need arises(though knowing you this won't be a problem) and always do what you know is right for him. No one knows him better than you and you will do no wrong by him if you just raise him the way you know.

Guide him gently, but don't be a wallflower parent. Grow with him, and discover the world again(who knew a leaf could be so beautiful?) his eyes will open yours to a world you never imagined.

Let him lead you, and teach you, for with him your world is about to expand to places you never knew. That's not just a cloud, or a bush or a blade of grass, listen and you will see.

Hold him close, and snuggle him count his fingers, and toes.

And remember- I'm here if you need me, just a phone call away no matter the day, the hour or the reason.

Now go have some fun with that baby.



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