Sunday, November 9, 2008

How far would YOU go for an "A"?

Okay as I have mentioned in previous posts I am attending some online courses at my local community college.

After being throughly disgusted with my first grade I received(33/37) and losing 'stupid' points on it; I vowed that at some point somehow, some way I was going to ace a presentation in this class.

With only two regular assignments left in the quarter before our final is due, that doesn't leave me much time. I have been inching closer and closer to the illusive 100%. A few weeks ago I got a 98% and got ticked off but because it was something *I* screwed up(I missed a direction) I didn't fight it.

The assignments since then have seen me emailing the teacher after I receive each assesment in order to question point losses.

Sometimes like the first time(way back in Unit B) it doesn't work. Other times like in the last Unit(E) it does.  In the last unit I not only got back points but I also earned extra credit without even trying. Apparently my OCD'ness turned out to be a good thing when the direction read "Divide the text into two columns" and I decided I'd take it one step further, and make them two even columns.

So it should have theorhetically come as no surprise when I opened up Unit F's grade sheet and found that I'd lost 2 and a 1/2 points. Okay one of the points I could grant her(as I'd forgotten to add my name to something), but the other point and a half are bugging me.

So I dropped her another line, inquiring as to how I could improve upon my preformance since I felt that I had followed the directions to the best of my ability.

Over a point and a half. That would raise my grade on the assignment from a 93% to a 97% really not worth fighting tooth and nail over.

Especially when you consider that overall my grade in the class is sitting at a 95% and the extra point and a half wouldn't raise my grade at all(it would go up to a high 95, instead of a mid 95).

So my question to you fair reader is this- How far would YOU go for a point and a half?

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