Sunday, October 12, 2008


So I decided that I'm putting a hold on the Politics series, until after Wednesday's Presidential debate.

Until then I'm driving myself crazy with school work, and my new biggest mistake I discovered this morning.

Remember a few months back when I got some ducks?

Well you'll also remember I replaced the ducks that were killed in the Great Duck Massacre with a single "Runner" duck. I was reassured by the staff at the feed store that said duck was, a GIRL(ha! should never believe the 'reassurances' ;) ) and for a while it looked like they were right.

That is until today. When I went out I noticed that suddenly SHE has the tell tale, tail curl, that indicates that SHE is really a HE.  So that means that my poor duck has to be renamed(I really don't think calling him- Liz works now). This means I get to go back to the drawing board on names(I'll see if I can get the pair to stand still long enough to grab some snaps), and hope that they don't decide to start a family on me.

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Trannyhead said...

I think you're going to have ducklings soon ... do we get to vote on names?