Thursday, May 29, 2008

Introducing the ducks

 5-12-08 006

Remember them? They used to be little.  Now? HUGE!

 5-29-08 001

They finally have names. Though I am only partially sure of what they will be(as in 1 of 2 names).


First off we have the duck formerly known as Crazy Duck.

5-29-08 002

5-29-08 003

Now to be known as Steve/Sasha, though if I was reading its bottom correctly when I sexed them today looks like Crazy Duck is Steve.

Next up is the Duckling formerly known as Spot. Spot still has Spots, because it is a Rouen.

5-29-08 007

5-29-08 008

Spot will now be called Stealth/Ninja, though again if I read it right it will be Ninja.


Last but not least is the duckling formerly known as Grey. Grey was the boring little duckling who wasn't much to look at.

5-29-08 008

5-29-08 010

Grey will be henceforth known as Bob/Brie(as in the cheese). Looks like a Brie though to me.

Now for some gratitious duckling pictures!

5-29-08 011

5-29-08 013

5-29-08 014


Tranny Head said...

Could they BE any cuter? I just want to bury my hand in their fuzzy featherness.

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

Awww, such cute ducks!