Friday, May 16, 2008

Fried Friday

I may get FtF up later this weekend or I may end up taking the week off not sure at the moment. Until then I'd like to entertain you with pictures from the toddler's sojurn into the wading pool this morning.

First off it is supposed to be 90 ish degrees here over the weekend so I dragged out the wading pool, scrubbed it, plopped it on the deck and filled it.  Here is the story in pictures!

10 am and its already 68 degrees

5-16-08 006

Toddler clambers into pool

5-16-08 001 

I dip a toe into the water

5-16-08 004

(squeal because its FREEZING!)


Watch toddler splash around for a while:

5-16-08 002

5-16-08 003

5-16-08 009

5-16-08 010

5-16-08 011

5-16-08 013

5-16-08 014

Remove toddler from pool force her inside house:

5-16-08 016

5-16-08 018    

My 'favorite' picture about her feelings 

5-16-08 017

I love that my belly looks HUGE in this pic, I SWEAR there is NOTHING in there ;)

I'll upload a couple videos later when I get a chance.


Law Student Hot Mama said...

The belly shot is MY favorite.

Stargate_Addict said...

My mom has pics of me calling my grandma crying that I was in trouble when I was supposed to be in time out. LOL