Thursday, May 8, 2008

A whole lot of nothing

****DISCLAIMER!!! No 'real' content to be found in this post!!!****


Ever since saturday's big thing with my poor wee goat, I have been in a rut.

I can't seem to write (decent) content. My muse has run away I think it is taking a vacation without me.

Meanwhile I sit and ponder going to Orlando, in July.  Then I remember my birthday's not until August, and I sigh. See it just wouldn't be fun to go to Orlando(by myself) and not be 'legal' me thinks. So I wonder, if maybe I should look back into Reno.

I just desperately need SOMETHING to look forward to. I need some ME time.  Heck I'd even go for a couple hour break from this.


Alicia said...

No content? You're turning 21 in August and you run a goat farm? You rock!

lysambre said...

Well July 8th is the return on SGA on TV, maybe you can meet a few Squirrels for a night of fun ?

And I agree with the above comment from alicia ! :)

David said...

Words will come. They just did in this post. Yes as alicia says "you rock"