Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

No real format to today's post sorry. Just some random things on my mind at the moment. I am in the process of gearing up for my 200th post, and will probably do the 'ask me anything' bit, so start thinking of questions.


* I hate road construction. They are getting ready to put a new train station in our town. That is pointless, as they have said NO TRAINS WILL STOP. Therefore, they are tearing up the only road across the train tracks and intermitently shutting it down, thus screwing up my preset ways around town. I have 1 way I like to go thank you very much!

* Ducklings are so frigging cute they make me puke a little every time I see them.

* I am not looking forward to this weekend. We have to clean the Chicken Coupe DeVilla, and move them all back into there. Ought to be fun as there is oh about 30 of them and 1 of me.

* If my sisters' annoying goat kicks the bucket on the floor of the barn and causes me to almost die one more time, I am going to sell her to the devil. Seriously that goat is the worst goat I have met. If I could milk her she'd have manners in 4.2 seconds, but I cannot physically deal with her midget teats.

* Which is better- owning my favorite does grand daughter? or a shiny new Tom Tom?

*Why do my cats both act like crack addicts? Is it because I am a horrible role model and couldn't raise the first one right?

* Will I ever actually finish reading a book again?

* Why do Snickers go straight to my butt? I 'work out' enough that they shouldn't be an issue once in a while.

* Why are pants so annoying to shop for? Can't they just pick that X is size Y and stick with it?


Law Student Hot Mama said...

I hate road construction - and as for sizing? In one single shopping trip I purchased a size "small" and a size "extra large" (items both for myself) at the same exact store.

David said...

In my province in Canada we have two seasons: Winter and Construction