Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dear New Neighbors

I'm writing this letter to express my deepest, and most sincere feelings about your late night habits. I was wondering if you could please try to keep it a little quieter as you are affecting my sleep.

Granted, I am a night owl but you guys are ridiculously loud, and obnoxious, often times staying up until 2 or 3 am, with your loud and raucous parties. I can deal with all your friends who live out beyond you as they are quite muffled by the woods in which they live.

You however have taken up residence in the strawberry patch below my window. I realize that y'all like to have a nice green roof over your head, but maybe you could try the flower garden, with the stump? I hear they are opening a new condo facility there in the next few days.

Failing that relocation, maybe you could keep the midnight ribbiting, to a minimum? I like to be able to hear myself think, and if I happen to be asleep, I do not appreciate being awoken by you and your 6 family members. Otherwise we may have to discuss more permanent solutions to my noise problem, okay?

Thanks for the consideration,

The woman in the bedroom above you

*In case you didn't get it my new neighbors? Totally a family of 7 frogs living out under my window.


Anonymous said...

7 frogs ? wow, one is already super noisy, no wonder you can't sleep !

Tranny Head said...

Frogs ARE really loud. Though not as loud and annoying as roosters (especially those who have gone blind).

David said...

I remember when I became deaf last fall, I wrote a list of sounds I miss the most, the usual stuff like my son, wife , birds etc, but I had frogs on my list.
I miss the sound when I go to the lake