Friday, May 9, 2008

FTF, Why I am doing it.

Okay so recently in my Fight The Frump posts, many of you have been leaving wonderful, helpful comments on other things to try.

Now I am going to bore you with the whole reason I (a self proclaimed frumpy goat farmer) decided to get in on Fight The Frump.

* My pre-FtF routine(PFR) included: Showering, and air drying hair. That was it. No cute shoes, no adorable hair cuts, no crazy little black dresses.

* The only piece of 'hair' equipment I own(besides a brush) is a Hair dryer. Oh and a 20 year old curling iron that doesn't work.

* That's right I do NOT own ANY of the following:

> Flat Iron

> Working Curling Iron

> Crimping Iron

> 7 zillion hair products

* I was starting to feel like the only place I could hang out was a truck stop. PFR I was dressing in Flannel shirts, and plaid, and coveralls, seriously NOT even anywhere remotely frump free.

* My big new years resolution was to feel better about my body no matter how it looked. It's my body, it does amazing things for me, yet I hated it.

* I raise goats, meaning I spend 98% of my time covered in mud and other assorted 'natural' products.

* In the near future I plan on going back to school(most likely this fall), so I'd like to be able to dress 'normally' not like a farmer, nor a mother.

* I wanted to step outside my 'comfort zone' and see what it was like to be a girl, not just a down and dirty farm girl(not that I have a problem being down and dirty).


Law Student Hot Mama said...

Good for you! I refuse to allow myself to frumpify . . . except for frumpy shoes. I cannot give up frumpy shoes for heels. No way - I've seen what happens to women's feet who wear heels their whole lives? Disgusting. I'll stick to my Crocs!

CableGirl said...

ok, so I've never felt frumpish in my life, but since I have none of the makeup/hair items you mentioned I'm wondering if I should reconsider.

yeah, thought about it and, Nope. Frumpiness has nothing to do with how much time you spend in front of the mirror. it has everything to do with a feeling (or lack of) of self confidence. If you don't think you look/feel/sound good... well, you probably don't. If you con make yourself happy in your own skin, it doesnt' matter what you wear or how you do your hair, you won't be frumpy.

that's my $.02

Blog hopping along.. :)

Alicia said...

Child rearing alone can make it a challenge for me to want to put on even a nice shirt from Wal-Mart, when you know it's just going to get stained, what's the point? I'm learning that the point is me; I like me, and I want to treat me nice. Fighting the frump really is a tough fight, and some weeks I don't even feel like trying. But when I look good, I feel better,so I keep getting back on that horse. And it helps to know all you nice women are fighting the good fight,too.