Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Why am I IT?

Okay so around here, we have a bunch of technologically challenged dolts, idiots, people.

Which means that anytime anything goes wrong, guess who gets the 'call'?


I must bound up right this instant from whatever task I happen to be performing, and attend immediately to the Technology in question.

Everything from land phones(don't start me on our phone system, mmK?), to satellite dishes, and everything in between, it falls to me.

So that whole 'Hey! I clicked this button here, and its not doing anything' totally not specific enough thanks!

Or that time I got the call about "Hey do you know how to make the TV change sources?", starts off with a groan, and ends with a "You push the button labeled SOURCE" *rolls eyes* seriously.

The latest mishap we have been dealing with is Satellite boxes. One of our old ones recently died which necessitated a call to the company that *Rhymes with Fish*. I spent a good 20 minutes going over the issue with the wonderful and understanding tech(who actually spoke ENGLISH!) before it was determined that we needed a new box(uh I could have saved you 20 minutes buddy).

So our new box arrived Friday, I set it up installed it and went off without a thought in the world. Today(4 days later) it is acting 'funny', according to the dolts. Whirring, blinking, and generally being loud and obnoxious. Gee, how am I supposed to fix it? Hunh?!

Okay sorry for the rant, I'm just tired of being IT girl extraordanair!


lysambre said...

As the official IT girl when I was still living in France I'm right there with you !

My mother sometimes still call me on the phone to tell me "When I click on this thing it doesn't work, what should I do ?"... hu, let me see : ask my brother to come and see what's wrong maybe ? hehehe.

Be strong IT girl ! ;)

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I hate having to deal with IT-related stuff because I'm probably dumber than the people you're talking about.

Now that Hubby is in Iraq, I totally have to fix EVERYTHING. Including IT, plumbing, etc . . every time anything breaks. It sucks.