Friday, May 2, 2008

FtF, the Hair Edition

So I just arrived home from my hair appointment. I must say MAN! my head sure feels lighter!

I ended up taking the suggestion of a lot of you and talking to my stylist, who recommended a COMPLETELY different cut.

I'll let you see for yourselves.


current hair

current hair (4)


5-2-08 002

5-2-08 003

5-2-08 005

So....what do you think?

Oh and come back later to see pictures of the destruction I arrived home to *sighs*


Paula said...


Why are you looking so skeptical? LOL

That's a very flattering look on you. Good choice!

Anonymous said...

Yes it's very cute! I saw the pic on my *lost* cell phone just a few minutes ago. Sorry I lost my phone earlier and never heard it ring. I'll call ya later tomorrow, 'k? :D

I hope you are happy with your hair. I always wondered what it's like to have straight hair. *sigh* I can NEVER cut my hair that short or I will look like Little Orphan Annie. And not in a good way.


Darla said...

Oh my gosh is that ever a cute do! You look even younger (as if that's possible). Maybe I should use the word more "fresh".

Law Student Hot Mama said...

It looks GOOD! Now I think you need to grow out your bangs longer! Heh - I'm just full of random advice.

Amanda (Shamelessly Sassy) said...

I like it!

Dew said...

That is so cute! And there's so much more you can with it too.

Just think, no more losing ponytail holders at the wrong time and going nuts trying to find one.

I miss that short of hair...tempted.

Alicia said...

Much more like it! Now, I'm thinking of deserve it; I could only skim the goat birthing without getting queezy, but I'd say you're a pretty hard workin' mama. You need every shortcut and bit of pampering you can get.

The McCanns said...

Might I suggest...flat ironing your bangs to where they sweep to one side instead of a full frontal bang. I think that would look good on you. Nice cut. Now that it's even, I would let it grow a little longer and get some layers that you can flip out. That would look cute too.