Saturday, May 17, 2008

Why I have been MIA(or my non-excuse)

So as you may remember a while back I introduced you to my new crush. His name as you may recall is Kavan Smith:

Shirt Lorne

Seriously how could one NOT have a crush on him?

Okay secondly I have recently discovered the highly addictive substance known as Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0, yes my friends I now have PSE.

I have spent the last week or so letting my muses run wild with Kavan pictures and PSE.






Yes, I have been making wallpapers. I apparently can't resist doing so. I have however been limiting myself to working on them only at nap time(HA! ha! ha! when is that again?) and after bed time. So I'm sorry if there isn't any real meaningful content. Plus? it doesn't help that I am a big ball of gooey gel from the heat.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's exciting poll!


lysambre said...

oh, don't worry about the content, there is more than enough content in this post :D
Very nice wallpapers !

Anais33 said...

Yéé!! Super ces montage de Kavan!!

Il est vraiment génial =)

Dew said...

Yum Kavan! Wonder if his dog and Mars ever really did have puppies? DH teased a while ago about it but no real news as to the result. ^_~