Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My new TV husband

Okay so we all do it. We plop down in front of the TV on any given night and just let our brains wander off unsupervised to wherever it is that they go.  I am no exception to this rule.

In the past I have admitted to being a SCI FI junky. I have no problem admitting this. I love me some SCI FI.

Now you may remember way back when I started this blog I wrote about my first SGA love. His name was Peter Grodin.


I thought he was HAWT. The only issue was that when I came into the fandom(near the end of season 3) his character had been dead for a long time.

This wasn't an issue nor did it deter me from falling madly head over heels nuts about his character(I think that may have been the accent talking). I could NOT get enough of 'Grodin' wherever I could find him.

That was until recently. I was sitting re-watching one of my SGA disc's and happened to catch a cute looking character in the 'backround' of the episode.


That is Kavan Smith he plays Major Evan Lorne. *shivers* and I think he's HAWT. Yes I am admitting it. I don't care what the world thinks. Maj. Lorne, is my brand new TV husband. If he were 'real' I'd snatch him up and cart him off and reproduce with him. But alas he isn't so I will have to survive off adolescent daydreams.

Oh and I think the DELL might get a wee bit jealous.


Law Student Hot Mama said...

Umm . . . I'll take Brad Pitt any day? Or, hell, Angelina too. Bring it ALL on.

Mel said...

Hmm... Lorne fan, huh? How come there aren't any reviews from you on my Lorne stories over at, then, huh? (There's four of them!) C'mon... I know you wanna read 'em! (Yes, I am a shameless self-promoter!)


McKay's Girl said...

Gee, I wonder who got you hooked onto Atlantis....*whistles innocently and walks away with Rodney*