Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March's Randomness

Its time once again, to take a look back at some of the odd search terms that popped up in searches that led to THIS blog. Last month brought in quite the set of doozies!

* Old MacDonald's Farm Figure Olay Song- I haven't heard THAT version of the song before!

* About 5 variations of 'Squirrels' including:
  • Crazy Squirrels
  • Funny pictures of Squirrels
  • Bad Squirrels
  • Fighting Squirrels
  • Army of Squirrels
* Cat Playing Poker

* Foot say- what does your's say?

* Mrs Boot the Farmer Blog- I have boots, and I'm a farmer that blogs will that be all?

* Sesame Street Goat Going back- I didn't even know there was a goat ON sesame street to start with!

* Pecid complete- ??? is all i have to say

And the ODDEST search term for the month of March goes to *drumroll*

* Feel like a stalker and Gosh Stalker Means!

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