Sunday, April 20, 2008

The 'kudos' go to... and more kids

First off I'd like to congratulate the following readers for getting my song reference in yesterday's post.

- you were the first to get the reference. Oh I LOVE An Officer and A Gentleman too.

Rebecca- *nods* yup yup. I love the picture of the keyboard!

Secret Agent Mama- you get extra points because you completed the stanza and then some


Now on to the other news of the day. Star, our singular alpine doe kidded this afternoon with 2 kids. Unfortunately we had to have the doeling put to sleep almost immediately, as she was born with little/no eyes. She had sockets, but nothing in them. I am a firm believer in kindness to animals but there would have been no way that in nature this kid would survive on her own and I don't have that much extra time to put into a 'special needs' kid. Thankfully from the research that the vet and I did, it looks like this may have been one of those '1 in a million' things that just happen. He's going to talk to his colleagues tomorrow and get back to me with more. I promise I will have pictures later of the little black buckling later.

Oh and tonight I'm going out to a friends house to see a movie(a REAL movie that was released recently) I am SO excited. The last movie I saw in theaters was Enchanted, and before that I think it was The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. We're going to watch JUNO, which I have been dying to see as it hits kind of close to home for me.

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Meg said...

Can't say I know much about goats, but Juno is fun movie. You'll love it.