Friday, April 11, 2008

Fight the Frump: In which I embrace it.

As many of you know last week on Wednesday afternoon the kids arrived. That means that on top of having a rambunctious toddler, I also have a set of triplets.

4-2-08 028

Also since it is <s>hell week</s> spring break, we are in the process of switching rooms around. The toddler is moving into the 'kids' room, and the teenager is moving into the toddlers old room. So we have been cleaning, and painting on top of all the other farm work. Add in having a set of newborn triplets running, bounding, and leaping around the living room, and you have a recipe for frump.

4-8-08 001

Now while I know that most of ya'll would excuse me being slightly Frumpy I must admit to you that I have spent most of the last week(except last Thursday) in a tank top, and some kind of sweat/yoga pants.

It also probably doesn't help that my knee still looks like this:

4-4-08 002

I can't bend it, I can't straighten it, I can barely put weight on it. It S U C K S. So please excuse me this week while I embrace the frump.

Now go visit the other Friends of Fussy and find some real tips.


Valarie said...

Bless your heart, that looks like it really hurts.

Law Student Hot Mama said...

That knee looks like it's infected! You might need an antibiotic to clear that up!

Sarah said...

awww! I am sorry for your knee. Your new picture is looking good though on your blog info.

Christine @ Serenity How? said...

Oh my goodness your poor knee looks so painful. I hope you heal up really soon. :(