Monday, April 14, 2008

In which I admit I have a problem

First off welcome to this meeting of TV addicts anonymous I am leading this group, and there fore will start us off. I have decided that after last night, I may need to come clean about my addiction. That's right I am addicted to something(I know it comes a a shock right? *cues crickets*)

Hi, my name is, wait this is my blog so therefore you probably already know who I am because you are reading MY blog. Pfft! I'm not going to introduce myself to y'all!

I am addicted to Blood Ties. Blood Ties is a fun, witty, adventure-filled show, mixed with just the right amount of romance, and intrigue. The TV show is based off the Vicki Nelson series of books written by Tanya Huff. I actually discovered this show at the end of its first 'season'(do not even start me on THAT topic) last spring(2007). I saw one episode, Norman and was instantly hooked. I then spent the summer tracking down 4 of the 5 books, and the anthology of short stories, and also all of the episodes previously available on iTunes.

The books were written in such a serious yet fun tone, that they transfer beautifully to the small screen. The three main characters, just gel together so much that at times I almost felt as if I was intruding into moments not meant to be seen by the average person. The series was adapted from the books with several episodes being based on stories that happened in the first four books(I do not foresee them touching the fifth and final book on the series EVER).

The series is set in Toronto, and follows a former cop turned PI, Vicki Nelson, as she enters the world of all things paranormal and strange. She teams up with the quirky 480 year old, Henry Fitzroy, son of the infamous Henry the VIII. Vicki drags her unwitting former partner, and ex-lover, Mike Celluci, along for the ride as well. Toss in the amazing supporting cast, and you have the basis for a wonderful, strong cast of characters that constantly amaze and surprise you.

Blood Ties' dialogue is an amazing masterpiece in and of itself. It is filled with fun, witty repartee that always hits the mark just where it should. I have yet to find an episode without at least one giggle worthy line in it. I am always amazed at how even the serious stuff comes across so well because of the wonderful talent on the show. It is because of the wonderful talent that the main love 'triangle' comes across so poignantly and skillfully to the viewer. There is a lot of nuance and tease used to convey messages and if you are not paying close attention you will most defiantly miss something. I know that each time I watch an episode, I always find something that I missed before.

Unfortunately for me and my addiction, it has now been just about five months since the last episode of 'season two' aired online. I am hoping against all odds that some network, somewhere finds it in their hearts to pick up the series and continue it, but I am starting to focus on other things- such as when the DVDs may someday be released in the US. Though I remain ever hopeful, and vigilant for word, any word that we have a go for a true second season. Now if you excuse me I have to go find my copy of Blood Lines that I am rereading for the 10Th time.

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