Sunday, April 27, 2008

Prom Memories

Tonight I was reminded just how long its been since I was in high school(really not THAT long but long enough). I was down picking up some stuff from the gas station when my favorite checker mentioned that last night was prom, so all the kids were hanging out trying to buy beer *rolls eyes*.

When I was a senior in high school, I actually strongly considered NOT going to prom(I only went to a total of 3 school dances- homecoming, Tolo, and Prom). That is until, all my friends basically told me that I HAD to go. So I agreed(seeing as I was a follower and all). I took my 'long time' boyfriend(my now ex), which was a big pain in the rear as we had to go through the whole 'permission' process involving him going back to his former high school and getting them to sign off and yada yada yada. Looking back I actually regret taking him to prom with me, as he was CONSTANTLY comparing it to his prom and how much mine 'sucked' in comparison.

Now don't get me wrong as far as it went my prom was pretty crappy. First off it was held at Qwest Field in one of their banquet halls(the meal portion) and also in the 'breezeway' overlooking the field that they just so happened to be holding a soccer game on. The meal was pretty bland and unmemorable, the entertainment shoddy, boring and slightly offensive, and the music? Lets just say the music SUCKED. I clearly remember everyone requesting 'good' music(a lot of country{don't knock us we're rural kids}) but instead the DJ's insisted upon playing rap, techno and other such garbage. They played 1 country song and when they did, it should have been CLEAR that was what we wanted as a line dance broke out(seriously a LINE fricking DANCE, at PROM). It was crazy. We ended up leaving early stopping at Dicks(my favorite Seattle eatery) on the way home and arriving back before 1 am(the prom didn't even end till midnight).

Just to complete this story I'd now like to share some of the horrid pictures from that evening/night. Please turn away now.

Getting Ready (man how I miss that size 6)

Prom '05 001_edited

My 'date', this was the nicest he looked in the almost 2 years we dated

Prom '05 003_edited

Me in my dress

Prom '05 005_edited

one of our BETTER pictures:

Prom '05 006_edited

Compared to these beauties:

Prom '05 007_edited

Prom '05 009_edited

Prom '05 010_edited

Dancing the night away(just shut up, okay?!)

Prom '05 012_edited

Prom '05 014_edited

The Line dance(sorry for the fuzzyness)

Prom '05 013

A couple of the more 'memorable' pictures (these actually are kind of cute I am sad to admit)

Prom '05 015_edited Prom '05 016_edited

My FAVORITE 'chaperone', remind me to tell y'all about him someday.

Prom '05 031_edited

Now if you beg ask me nice enough I might even dig out the Professional pictures, and share them with you.


Domestic Spaz said...

Wow.. I love this post. I don't think I have any prom pictures to pull out but if I did I could TOTALLY rival this! I'll have to look and see if I can find some somewhere.

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Ok, now THAT'S some funny stuff. I have prom pictures, too - but I was a prom whore and went to a gazillion of the things (and wore something awful at each, I'm sure). In fact, I had that exact same dress as yours in one prom - but mine was sort of a more periwinkle color. And my makeup looked a lot worse than yours.

Why did your date have to get permission? I'm confused.

Also, I went with far bigger losers than that.