Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Help pick my hair!

Okay so on Friday morning I am going in and getting a hair cut. The only problem is that I can't decide what to do with it.

I am going to be going from my Blah! shoulder length-ish hair to something about chin length.

This is my current hair:

4-27-08 008

4-27-08 011

I have narrowed it down to a few, couple, handful of finalists.

Choice #1:

4-27-08 001

Choice #2:

4-27-08 004

Choice #3:

4-27-08 006

Choice #4:

Title - Stargate SG-1

Choice #5:


Choice #6:


Choice #7:

4-27-08 007

Choice #8:


These are all pretty big departures from what I have currently, but I think that I'd be pretty happy with any of them. You have until Thursday at Midnight(12pm) PST to get your votes in!


NZ_Jackie said...

I think the last one is kewl.


Tiffany said...

Hey, Kass. It's Tiff. It's a toss up between 3, 5 and 8 for me. But now that's down to 3 and 8. But I think you should go with what makes you happy. But if it was me, I'd go with #3. But that's just me!


Law Student Hot Mama said...

Kewl! I think it'll look hawt short. My advice is to let the hair stylist (I know this is scary) make some recommendations, too. Mine persuaded me to try a new style and I loved it . . .

Whatever you do, I think short will look awesome! And it'll be so much easier to deal with when you're out goatin' it up!

Valarie said...

I like the last one also. I think that one will look good.

Kdvb1 said...

I love #2 and #4 the best. I am not sure if they will be harder than the others to style though. Maybe you could show the pics to your hairstylist and ask which ones will be easy to re-create? Sometimes something looks really cute and then you find out you have to put rollers in and blow dry it a certain way....and it is a big hassle to get it looking decent. But, I really think #2 and #4 look really pretty/sexy.


Jenelle said...

Hmm...I think I would go with choice five. Like somebody said though, as long as you're not having a recent cosmetology graduate or a beauty school drop-out cutting your hair, the stylist should be able to tell you what would be best for you. My hair always looks better when I have the sylist do whatever she wants than when I tell her what do do.

Mel said...

Unfortunately, you have asked a person who is so not good at these kinda things. There's a reason my hair's almost always back in a ponytail...

Leila said...

I like 1 and 5. I say print them out and take them with you and let the hairstylist help you make the final decision. Your hair may not conform to the style you really want. Mine doesn't - to curly and wayward.

Alicia said...

I think #8; it's cute and it looks low-maintenance. I agree that you should bring a collection of photos to your stylist though; that'll give them a good idea of what you're going for. Can't wait to see the results! Are you going to change your color too?

Jenn said...

found you through fussy's links...

4-6 are really adorable - short and fun but still feminine.

and the last one is pretty sassy!!

The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...


Anonymous said...

number one

[Friend of Fussy]

EMama said...

5! Funa dn looks easy to care for. Big priority for me.

lysambre said...

Well I'm not sure you're counting the twitters so I'm voting here again for #6 ;)

Barcardicider said...

I'ld go for #5 or poss #8. If I was brave enough to get my hair cut, I must admit I would go for #5. But I'm not as brave as you. Long hair in pony tail with split ends - that's me, oh yeah!

Anonymous said...


i like 5 and 6. they are simular but slightly different. i think it should be a combo.

Anonymous said...

Number two all the way baby! :D

I know this complicates it for ya.

Sorry! And good luck!


jez said...

I like #1 and #8, although #2's pretty as well...

Paula said...

I think #6 would be most flattering to your face shape.

You need some volume on top and something around your jaw line, as well.

But, then again, I also let my stylist decide how he's going to do my hair, so maybe I'm not the right one to advise you. :)

Jen said...

I really like 4 & 6. Feminine, but kicky.

Anonymous said...

due i think u should go with six.


Alyx ;)