Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My knee: an update

So as all of you know when I was at the Fuel dinner I did this to my knee:

4-4-08 002 Right Knee

4-4-08 006 Left Knee

The right knee looked pretty similar to the above picture for about a week and a half before it finally scabbed over on the cut part. The abrasion was mostly healed with in days. The left knee was actually pretty okay other than the small cut to it.

In the last 3 days I have spent 12 hours 'heat wrapping' my right knee in an effort to encourage it to heal and get better. It has now progressed to this:

4-13-08 004 Right Knee

4-13-08 001 Left Knee

As I am sure you can see the abrasion is nice and shiny red(and itches like MAD) whereas the cut part is still pretty icky looking. I actually have decided that if it isn't any better by Thursday I may see about getting an appointment to get it checked out- just in case.

In the middle of it is a deep gash like thing, that when it comes into contact with anything even remotely solid. I can barely wear pants without it killing me and have therefore been living in my almost holy yoga pants. *sighs* I think I need to go read my own advice.


Law Student Hot Mama said...

Honey, it's INFECTED - that's why it's red and itchy. You need to get an antibiotic to clear it up - don't wait any longer!

Ishshah said...

Hi Kassandra,

This is Patricia from the Fuel dinner. I'm glad to see that your knee is healing, finaly!!! Did you get some anitbiotics like the lady recommended? How is your darling Baby? I am fine, but miss everyone. I'm bidding on the lunch with Jewel and if I get it, would you like to come with me? No charge. My gift to you. What do you think? Take care... Patricia