Friday, April 11, 2008

Dear Fed Ex

Yesterday I was at my local Fed Ex outlet shipping a rather sizable package to a friend who lives in Colorado. Now I wanted to make sure it got there ASAP(as in today) so I opted to send it overnight express. Well I am an anal retentive package tracker, who cannot help but track something.  Now I realize that the education system in this country is bad, but please Fed Ex, maybe you could explain this to me:

package shipping

Why oh why, would you take a package that is going from Washington state, to Colorado, and route it through TENNESSEE?

Map **

Really does this route make sense to you? Really if so, please explain to me how it is that it is a shorter router than say shipping from Washington, through Idaho, and Wyoming, to Colorado?

Thank you,

A Confused Fed Ex Customer!

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Stargate_Addict said...

NO WONDER IT COSTS SO MUCH TO SHIP SOMETHING!!!! My Package from St.Louis to Washington probably went through MAINE with the price I paid!!