Thursday, October 9, 2008

Politics: Joe Biden

So again, I will remind you that I am a political newbie, and don't have a lot of experience comparing and contrasting candidates so am talking more about how I feel.

Even though I was working insanely long hours, I made time to either watch live, or tape both of the conventions for later viewing. I was lucky enough to be able to see Biden's speech live as I had the night off.

Now as a self proclaimed political ignoramus, I really knew nothing about him aside from the fact that he was from Scranton, Pennsylvania. I still don't know a lot(as I haven't done a lot of leg work on my own up until now).

However my first impression of him was overall fair to good.

He seems to have a bit more experience since he has been in Congress since 1972.

Granted this doesn't mean he has a lot of experience in every area, but it gives him a leg up on the other Veep candidate who by the same standards is a political infant.

He seems like a very charismatic man, who is a fair to good choice as a running mate, and seems like he can at least know what he is doing.

At this time- I don't have enough facts and figures to create an accurate portrait in my mind of him beyond the snippets that I've seen on TV.

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