Friday, October 24, 2008

Just like a big girl

Today Kenzie took a step back towards where we were several months ago.


Back in May she was sleeping in her big girl bed most every nap and even one night.

5-1-08 001

5-1-08 003

5-1-08 005  


Today she took her first nap back in the bed, and even without all the naked dolls.



Though it took some pretty nifty child proofing for this to be possible:


Yup, that's duct tape on the light switch.  


Though you'll also notice that the wall still hasn't been fixed from the incident in which 15 feet of border was removed. I'm thinking I might want to get on that, someday. Especially once she realizes I was basically color blind when picking out paint(don't you love the rocking Disney colors? Pooh blue, and Princess Purple?)

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