Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Electronic Chronicles

So let me just say that I just broke a personal record for amount of electronics in use at one time.

I had:

1 MP3 player

1 Laptop

1 External Hard Drive

2 Working Cell phones

1 Non-Working Cell phone

2 Wired Ear pieces

1 Bluetooth ear piece

All for a 45 minute call that did nothing but assure me that Verizon rocks when you need them to.

See we have had Verizon as our cell provider for numerous years and have rarely had problems with our phones until we upgraded in January. Now my phone was fine for the most part it only needs to have its charger handy and really I can deal with that.

The two LG's on the other hand have been pains in the butt since the day we brought them home from the store. This summer my dad's was constantly overheating(though THAT? was totally his fault) and my mom's broke her car charger. Then today came the crowning achievement in their little techno caps. They both decided to break today. They would make calls sure- but only if the wired ear pieces were plugged in. They would receive calls sure- again only if the ear pieces were plugged in. Unplug that sucker though? and you are totally screwed my friend.

So I took my dads and tried every trick in the book and then some- changing all the earpiece settings, the answer settings, heck even tried resetting to both box and factory settings. Nothing worked. Except the problem got worse. Now it wouldn't make calls even with the ear piece plugged in. So I did what any good consumer would do and followed the instructions and called customer service.

A wonderful lady(who even spoke GOOD English) answered the phone and we went through it all again. We pushed buttons, sent reactivation codes, turned it off and turned it on, and still no dice. So we determined that the phones were basically dead, kaput, finished. So we checked the info and thankfully they are still covered by their warranties, so are exchangeable at the store. She was even kind enough to send out two new free headsets so we can make sure the headsets aren't the issue here.

So once again- thank you Verizon! Now if only Apple could have customer service like you!

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