Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Politics- Sarah Palin

Thus far I haven't discussed much of my thoughts, feelings and emotions regarding the current Political season. After reading THIS post however I wanted to take my turn at the plate.

Now I will concede that I am not the most knowledgeable voter but I'm learning as much as I can. This is my first Presidential and Gubernatorial races in which I am old enough to vote.  I do not vote one side of the fence or the other, as I don't fully embrace either parties ideals at the moment.

Now that isn't to say I don't have very strong feelings regarding certain prominent political figures.

Sarah Palin- As a mother and a woman I am deeply offended by her.

See I'm the product of an abstinence only Sex Ed system which she supports strongly. I went through 3+ years of Sex Ed, and took the notes, and the tests and sat and paid rapt attention to the teacher in class sure. Now lets look where all that got me- I became a young unwed teenage mother with a 'special needs'* child.

As I sat watching her acceptance speech at the RNC and I saw the way she was presenting her family it really bugged me. I can understand that Trig is special to her(as any child should be) but I felt that it was wrong of her to use him as a pawn in her speech.

I also have made it no secret that I live in the country. Now while I don't personally have my hunting license, I know plenty of people who do. I support both the right to own and use(safely) firearms. However I also think that we should protect and preserve some of our natural resources- such as the Artic National Wildlife Refuge. I realize that we need to look for alternative supplies of fuel but there has to be a way aside from drilling in the pristine beauty of Alaska.

Now I can't really say much about her foreign relations stuff as I haven't much experience in that area myself. I do however try to stay at least on top of what is going on around the world.

I realize that I have just covered one of the four players on the national stage(and don't even get me started on our screwy Gubernatorial race) and promise that over the next few days as I catch up with last nights debate(I had class) I will write a post for each of the other 3.

*Kenzie does NOT have Downs or some of the other high need 'special needs' but due to her motor, speech and physical delays has been classed as 'special needs' by her pediatrician.

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lysambre said...

Ohhhhhh, you changed all the colors of the blog ! Hehehe

Can't say much about politlics in the US, except that all I've read about this specific candidate has left me thinking : is this a really big and elaborate joke ? (I honestly hope the answer is yes)