Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Duck Situation

So as I briefly mentioned while I was gone over the weekend we had a severe case of Predation occur. The poor unfortunate victims were 3 out of my 4 ducks.

The only surviving member of the duck clan was wee little Brie. I'd post a picture to remind y'all which one she is, but at the moment she is in the ICU.

So RIP: Slowpoke, Ninja, and Todd.


kkrowan said...

Hey long time no talk. I was looking at all of your post and I thought you something kind of funny. The latest stargate movie...Continuum I think it was, was filmed on the submarine that my husband is stationed on. It was filmed a year or so ago when they popped through the ice up north.

I hope you are well!

Tranny Head said...

Oh no! I wonder who the predator was . . . poor duckies.