Thursday, July 24, 2008

Common Sense is hard to come by

Last night I was again working though not with my 'normal' crew. Apparently they were short drivers and needed me on the 'away' crew, up north. They were for the most part pretty good and I was rather impressed with a few of them(oh wait I trained him, 2 days before might that explain it?)

No, I'm talking about common sense in my regular crew. See Monday night we had a machine that'd apparently had an alarm that was going off, for 20 minutes. Neither driver(one returner, and one newb) thought anything of it, and therefore didn't say anything to the Chief. We were getting lined up for our road move, when I go to help clean their machine and notice that the long pea conveyor is clogged. Now there is the 'small' and 'large' clogs, this was neither it was a 'jumbo' clog, that had the conveyor piled about 2 feet deep for the length of the conveyor. I got in and started digging it out, and was questioning the driver about it, to be informed that the 'alarm was no big deal, it said something about the hopper' *sighs* the Chief finally showed up with the other machines, and I informed him what'd happened his response was 'Your kidding right?' *I WISH!* I explained no I wasn't kidding he and I had a quick conversation in which I informed him I'd already started digging it out, but was going to help clean the other machines. Went did that and got back to the clog(about 15 minutes have gone by now) and finished cleaning it out with help.

I may strangle some drivers if they keep pulling crud like this through the season. I mean its one thing to have a sensor go wonky on you but its a whole other game to just flat out ignore a sensor.

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Mel said...

Oh, how incredibly true! I'm of the personal opinion that most people are idiots, myself (this from a self-declared "people person"). The big clincher for me are the over-educated morons running amok amidst the nursing staff where I work.