Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Working, working, working....

So tonight was my first night of work. It was basically a cluster f*ck of mistakes.

First off remember the 3pm start time? yeah it totally went out the window at 1pm. Let me set the scene for you. I'm in bed dozing trying to get a last few seconds of shut eye before dragging my butt to work, all of a sudden my phone starts ringing, and the company's number pops up. So I groggily answer it, and am informed that 'Plans have changed we need you @ the farm shop at 2:15.'

So I get up rush around like a chicken with its head cut off get a lunch ready, and get dressed. My dad(who also works for them) is going through the same motions. We rush off arrive and park, and are told to go to the 'meeting room'. Uh okay, that NEVER ever happens. So we all wander into the shop and are standing around BS'ing, and checking out the 'newbs'. Well one crew left right away(they had a 40+ minute drive one way), come to find out they had the ONLY van.

The foremen stand around debating what to do(vans were on the way but not supposed to arrive till 5 PM), and finally decide to play 'clown cars'. They load 4 people in one F-150, and 4 people in the other and put about 7 people in the Shaggin' wagon(a Ford Caprice). The Wagon heads out and makes it about 10 feet out the gate and breaks down(granted the wagon was carrying about 2 tons of weight). Sooo that leaves 8 drivers between the two F-150's.

We get out to where the machines are and are tossed out on a road move right off the bat. Lets just say that road moves are bad enough the first week, but to do one RIGHT off the bat with people who have never driven the machines in the field let alone on the road? Pure unadulterated h*ll.

I'll save you the nitty gritty of the field opening(otherwise what would I cover later in the season?!) and the boringness of sitting and waiting 45 minutes for a pea truck. I will also spare you the rant about newbie drivers. For now.

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